1. You Have Read About Sexual Risk Avoidance and Discussed Practicing Abstinence with Your Friends

    Here is an honest list of reasons you might want to seriously consider abstinence. You have read about sexual risk avoidance, discussed practicing abstinence with your friends and talked about it with your parents. If you haven't had sex yet, these are compelling reasons to continue down that path. If you have had sex, these are great reasons to change your lifestyle. Clarity Clarity is one of the…Read More

  2. There are Several Benefits of Abstinence

    Many teenagers and young adults are choosing to abstain from sex these days and for any number of reasons. Certainly, there are several benefits of abstinence. Even if you have had sex in the past, abstinence may make perfect sense at this point in your life, both for your physical and emotional health. However, sexuality is prominent in society today through all media including television, movies…Read More

  3. There are Definitely Benefits of Abstinence

    There is a reason that teen movies are so full of adventures and great experiences, it is because this is the time in your life when you should be having the most fun. Teenage adventures are best experienced before you turn 20, and they are often things you would never do as an adult. After all, when you are an adult, you are burdened by a full-time job and blessed with having to raise children, s…Read More

  4. When Discussing the Benefits of Abstinence With Teens, Give Them the Ammo They Need to Fight Against Society Norms

    We live in a society that tends to feel if you are not actively seeking or having sex, then your life is basically a failure. And though that might seem a bit dramatic if not over-the-top, it is all too true. As an adult, we can take such criticism for what it is worth, basically nothing. That is, as adults we are better prepared to simply ignore what others may think of us based on our personal a…Read More