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Abstinence & Marriage Education Resources

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Abstinence Emphasis

GAME PLAN (Grades 6 - 9)

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Game Plan developed in conjunction with NBA star A.C. Green, uses a sports analogy to help students understand the importance of strategically setting goals, including choosing to save sex for marriage. Students are encouraged to make a Game Plan for their lives and to stay focused . The Game Plan Teacher’s Guide includes classroom activities and Resource CD with PowerPoint.

QUEST (Grades 7 - 10)

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Quest uses powerful stories to help students along life’s journey.  Practical instruction helps students identify their future goals, such as marriage and family, and avoid obstacles such as sexual activity and other risk behaviors that could keep them from achieving their goals.  The Quest Teacher’s Guide includes classroom activities and Resource CD with PowerPoint.

ASPIRE (Grades 8 - 12)

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Aspire encourages students to seek their future goals, including education and financial success, as well as healthy future marriage and family life.  Classroom activities help students understand practical ways to resist pressure and plan for their future.  Aspire offers youth a positive path forward.  The Aspire Teacher’s Guide includes classroom activities and Resource CD with PowerPoint.

NAVIGATOR (Grades 9 - 12)

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Navigator helps students identify and avoid risk behaviors such as sexual activity, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  Students are encouraged to navigate their way to a healthy, successful future.  Navigator helps students understand the objective benefits of abstinence and how to prepare well for their future.  The Navigator Teacher’s Guide includes classroom activities.

Excel (Grades 8 - 12)

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Excel is designed for students in private schools.  Rather than emphasizing the negative consequences of premarital sex, Excel helps students understand the benefits of reserving all sexual activity for the context of marriage. The Excel Leader’s Guide includes classroom activities and Resource CD with PowerPoint and a 12 minute DVD video presentation.

A&M Resources provides high-quality workbooks for teens presenting the objective benefits of saving all sexual activity for marriage. A&M programs are highly effective, evidence-based, and user-friendly. Programs are designed for use in public and private schools grades 6-12. Each 8-chapter workbook can be taught in 8 or 16 class periods, typically in health or FACS classes.