There are several very important reasons for teens to practice abstinence, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest benefits. But abstinence education will also teach you that the benefits associated with the practice of abstinence goes further than just the immediate gains. In fact, abstinence is in many ways the foundation for a healthy marriage, even one that won’t happen for years. That is, years down the road, your marriage will be stronger if you practice abstinence today. That really gives you something to think about.

Abstinence leads to better sex when you are happily married. We aren’t saying abstinence guarantees a great sex life, but you will be off to a much better start without the baggage associated with past relationships. It is common knowledge that those who have engaged in sexual activity with several partners have numbed themselves to the connection sex gives in a marriage. This is relative to the number of partners and the emotional bond of each relationship at the time. Many who engage in premarital sex find themselves having to rediscover the connection between love and a healthy sex life. In a nutshell, past promiscuity damages current relationships.

It has been statistically proven that marriages between couples who practiced abstinence have a lower divorce rate. And although sex is not the foundation of a marriage, it is most certainly and essential part of the bond between a husband and his wife. However, you don’t want to choose your mate based on sexual performance. Instead, choose your mate because of characteristics like shared values, companionship and common goals.

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