A&M Resources is one of the national leaders in character-based abstinence education. One thing you will learn through any abstinence program is the benefits associated within the marriage institution. And if you don’t believe that sex within a marriage is more fulfilling, a vast majority of Americans disagree with you.

In recent polls, well over 80 percent of the American population say they are happy or at least reasonably content with their married sex. The poll was conducted by Parade magazine with over 1,000 married Americans participating.

It seems as though the movies and television have it all wrong. They push hard the notion that sex is best when you are single and can choose from multiple partners. It is all just an urban legend according to the studies. The best-kept secret in America is that the best sex is not found with someone you randomly meet at a club, on the beach or at a party, the best sex is in the bedroom of your home with your dedicated and loving spouse.

A survey published by the University of Chicago discovered some eye-opening results. In three categories, people who have sex two or more times a week, people who have sex once a month and people who rarely have sex, the largest group in the last category are non-married adults. What’s even more surprising is that very same study discovered that religious married couples had more frequent and more satisfying sex as well.

So if you think you will find sexual satisfaction outside marriage, you are likely in for a big surprise.