There is a reason that teen movies are so full of adventures and great experiences, it is because this is the time in your life when you should be having the most fun. Teenage adventures are best experienced before you turn 20, and they are often things you would never do as an adult. After all, when you are an adult, you are burdened by a full-time job and blessed with having to raise children, something no teen will have to do if they practice abstinence. So, there are definitely benefits of abstinence. Here is a list of things you should do before you turn 20.

Take a Road Trip– Pile into a car and hit the road with a group of your closest friends. You can choose to pick a destination beforehand or just let the road be your guide, either way, you will have a ball.

Try New Foods– Here is a good one, go to a new restaurant and try a dish you can’t even properly pronounce. You never know, it just might wind up becoming your favorite.

Sleeping Under the Stars– Pick the perfect summer night to pack up your tent, sleeping bag, flashlight and plenty of popcorn then set up camp in the back yard. There is nothing better than watching the stars while eating popcorn.

Participate in a Contest– Gather your friends and have everybody toss a dollar or two in a pile, then announce whoever goes the longest without using an electronic device wins the stash. You might just find the break from technology refreshing.

Just because you practice abstinence, it doesn’t mean you can’t live an exciting and fulfilling life as a teen.