We live in a society that tends to feel if you are not actively seeking or having sex, then your life is basically a failure. And though that might seem a bit dramatic if not over-the-top, it is all too true. As an adult, we can take such criticism for what it is worth, basically nothing. That is, as adults we are better prepared to simply ignore what others may think of us based on our personal and spiritual decisions. However, our teenage population struggles with how others perceive them, they are far more likely to succumb to an action even if it goes against what they believe, no matter how strong that belief is. When discussing the benefits of abstinence with teens, give them the ammo they need to fight against society norms. Give them these solid benefits of NOT having sex.

According to those in the population who practice celibacy of their own accord, sexual impulses tend to make the body become weak. Many even believe that many diseases can be attributed to sexual impulses. While there might not be much science to back this hypothesis, we all know how powerful influence can be.

Too many teens struggle with self-worth and body image, especially when concerning the opinions of others. Once these “others” are removed from the equation, you will find insecurities to be less of a problem. You learn to love yourself on your own terms.

When your focus is on yourself and not what others think about you, you do what is best for your body. This means you eat better, get more exercise and live each day to its fullest.

Don’t let societal norms dictate how you desire to live your life.