1. You Have Read About Sexual Risk Avoidance and Discussed Practicing Abstinence with Your Friends

    Here is an honest list of reasons you might want to seriously consider abstinence. You have read about sexual risk avoidance, discussed practicing abstinence with your friends and talked about it with your parents. If you haven't had sex yet, these are compelling reasons to continue down that path. If you have had sex, these are great reasons to change your lifestyle. Clarity Clarity is one of the…Read More

  2. There are Several Benefits of Abstinence

    Many teenagers and young adults are choosing to abstain from sex these days and for any number of reasons. Certainly, there are several benefits of abstinence. Even if you have had sex in the past, abstinence may make perfect sense at this point in your life, both for your physical and emotional health. However, sexuality is prominent in society today through all media including television, movies…Read More

  3. There are Definitely Benefits of Abstinence

    There is a reason that teen movies are so full of adventures and great experiences, it is because this is the time in your life when you should be having the most fun. Teenage adventures are best experienced before you turn 20, and they are often things you would never do as an adult. After all, when you are an adult, you are burdened by a full-time job and blessed with having to raise children, s…Read More

  4. When Discussing the Benefits of Abstinence With Teens, Give Them the Ammo They Need to Fight Against Society Norms

    We live in a society that tends to feel if you are not actively seeking or having sex, then your life is basically a failure. And though that might seem a bit dramatic if not over-the-top, it is all too true. As an adult, we can take such criticism for what it is worth, basically nothing. That is, as adults we are better prepared to simply ignore what others may think of us based on our personal a…Read More

  5. To Examine the Role of Abstinence Programs When Discussing the Prevention of Pregnancy, It Helps to Consider Both Sides in the Argument

    To examine the role of abstinence programs when discussing the prevention of pregnancy, it helps to consider both sides in the argument. That is, the argument for abstinence and the argument against it. Here are several arguments  for abstinence. Abstinence is the only pregnancy prevention form that is 100 percent effective. However small, every other method of contraception has a risk factor. …Read More

  6. When Preparing to Have a Discussion About Abstinence Education, It is Helpful if You Have All the Facts

    When preparing to have a discussion about abstinence education, it is helpful if you have all the facts. Despite the overwhelming popularity of abstinence programs, there is still much debate. Here are a few facts to consider. Fact- Sexual activity at an early age comes with several adverse effects. For example, a teenage female who engages in sexual activity is far more likely to suffer infectio…Read More

  7. As There is Substantiated Proof in the Benefits of Abstinence, So There are Plenty of Benefits in Marriage Over Cohabitation

    More and more Americans are choosing cohabitation instead of marriage or before actually tying the knot. Beyond the “so-called” benefits of cohabitation that some would like you to believe, stands the facts that show us just how detrimental this practice happens to be. And as there is substantiated proof in the benefits of abstinence, so there are plenty of benefits in marriage over cohabitati…Read More

  8. A&M Resources is One of the National Leaders in Character-Based Abstinence Education

    A&M Resources is one of the national leaders in character-based abstinence education. One thing you will learn through any abstinence program is the benefits associated within the marriage institution. And if you don't believe that sex within a marriage is more fulfilling, a vast majority of Americans disagree with you. In recent polls, well over 80 percent of the American population say they…Read More

  9. Abstinence Programs are of Vital Importance in Our Efforts to Reduce Teen Pregnancies

    Sexual activity among our teenage population is one of the major problems that confront our great nation. Such activity has led to the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, out-of-wedlock childbearing as well as emotional and psychological wounds. Abstinence programs have been proven effective in the reduction of sexual activity among teens. Quality abstinence programs are also able to provide a…Read More

  10. Cohabitation Education is Just as Important as Abstinence-Only Education Because it Exposes the Truths

    You might know cohabitation in many different terms, including living together, shacking up and even living in sin. By definition, cohabitation occurs when two unmarried people of the opposite sex live together, often before marriage. In the last 4 decades, cohabitation has increased in the United States a staggering 1,550 percent. It is estimated well over 5 million couples live together without …Read More