Here is an honest list of reasons you might want to seriously consider abstinence. You have read about sexual risk avoidance, discussed practicing abstinence with your friends and talked about it with your parents. If you haven’t had sex yet, these are compelling reasons to continue down that path. If you have had sex, these are great reasons to change your lifestyle.


Clarity is one of the many reasons to practice abstinence. When we engage in sexual activity with other people, it clouds reality due to the emotional attachment that occurs. For example, you might be with somebody who isn’t completely honest with you yet you avoid better judgment because you have become attached to them, in the wrong way. When sex doesn’t cloud reality, you are better able to see the relationship for what it really is and discover that perhaps ending it is the best solution.happy


When sex is involved in a relationship. it makes it more difficult to have the upper hand. If you are in a relationship where sex is involved and there is no commitment, you could suffer a bad outcome. However, abstinence helps you take control of a situation by having control over your body and make better decisions.

Develop a Strong Friendship

One of the best advantages to abstinence is you get to focus on the friendship you develop with your partner that becomes deeper than it would if you were having sex. Abstinence forces couples to talk things through when problems arise rather than choosing a quick fix so everybody feels better.


Many people seek sexual relations because they desire love and attention but then soon realize the experience may not be about love. This type of experience can damage both your heart and your mind.

When sex is off the table, you stick with strict boundaries and start to see people for who they really are.

True Love

Love and lust are all too easy to confuse, especially when sex is involved. When you practice abstinence, you are given the opportunity to grow in love with your significant other.

Peace of Mind

If you are in a relationship and hit a rough patch, abstinence help to sort things out. And if you practice abstinence, sex is never the root of a problem.

Know Yourself

Abstinence allows you to know who you are and to be more secure with yourself and make wise choices.