1. When Preparing to Have a Discussion About Abstinence Education, It is Helpful if You Have All the Facts

    When preparing to have a discussion about abstinence education, it is helpful if you have all the facts. Despite the overwhelming popularity of abstinence programs, there is still much debate. Here are a few facts to consider. Fact- Sexual activity at an early age comes with several adverse effects. For example, a teenage female who engages in sexual activity is far more likely to suffer infectio…Read More

  2. As There is Substantiated Proof in the Benefits of Abstinence, So There are Plenty of Benefits in Marriage Over Cohabitation

    More and more Americans are choosing cohabitation instead of marriage or before actually tying the knot. Beyond the “so-called” benefits of cohabitation that some would like you to believe, stands the facts that show us just how detrimental this practice happens to be. And as there is substantiated proof in the benefits of abstinence, so there are plenty of benefits in marriage over cohabitati…Read More

  3. Cohabitation Education is Just as Important as Abstinence-Only Education Because it Exposes the Truths

    You might know cohabitation in many different terms, including living together, shacking up and even living in sin. By definition, cohabitation occurs when two unmarried people of the opposite sex live together, often before marriage. In the last 4 decades, cohabitation has increased in the United States a staggering 1,550 percent. It is estimated well over 5 million couples live together without …Read More

  4. Abstinence Education Will Teach You That the Benefits Associated With the Practice of Abstinence Goes Further Than Just the Immediate Gains

    There are several very important reasons for teens to practice abstinence, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest benefits. But abstinence education will also teach you that the benefits associated with the practice of abstinence goes further than just the immediate gains. In fact, abstinence is in many ways the foundation for a healthy marriage, even one that won't happen for years…Read More